About Returns

Returns without a reason is not acceptable.

1. Product quality problems return

  • After user receives the goods and find quality problems  within 7 days and the problems can not be resolved by self parts replacement returning the goods is supported.
  • If the buyer does not use our "return sheet" to return the product, the buyer shall bear the courier and warehouse operation fees of 4.5 euros (self-delivered express delivery has the risk of being rejected by the warehouse).
  • The return of products due to quality problems must be confirmed and approved by our company before returning.

2. Other instructions for return

  • Pick-up and return method, please provide accurate delivery date and address 2 working days in advance. Please prepare the goods and accessories that need to be returned in advance. (Note: Whether the pickup is successful or not, the logistics provider Charges according to the number of visits).
  • For self-delivery please notify our company one working day in advance, and please provide accurate return information including: name, address, contact number, and email address.
  • The buyer should provide accurate receiving address information. If the buyer's receiving information is wrong, the courier cannot contact the buyer and for example the package delivery fails and is returned to the warehouse, the buyer will be responsible for Operational costs of returning the package to the warehouse.
  • If you change any information after the return order is issued, the courier company will  charge, and the charging standard for re-issuing the order, the fee for changing the order is 3.5 euros/time (the change of the order is risky, and the delivery may not be successful after changing the information, please before placing the order Confirm the receiving information).

3. Precautions for returning the goods

  • Buyers need to clean the electric scooter in advance, especially: the frame, handle, front and rear wheels, rear cover, etc. After cleaning, please take a clear picture and send it back (uncleaned car will affect the refund amount), please pack as it was received.
  • Please return all accessories and manuals.
  • Please print out the return form and paste it on the outer box (the return form must cover the original delivery express form), and arrange to take pictures on the six sides of the package to prevent the express scanning from being abnormal, causing the express to be returned midway.
  • Cargo owner returning the goods by self-delivery outlets.

From the day of receiving the goods to be returned , the buyer must send the item to be returned and provide the shipping certificate within 7 working days. Our company reserves the right to refuse the buyer's refund within 7 working days.. Our company reserves the right to refuse the buyer's refund within 7 working days if the buyer do not meet the requirements.

4. Returning the goods by pick-up method

  • starting from the day of confirming that the return requirements are met, the buyer must make an appointment within 7 working days to deliver the package to the courier and provide the shipping certificate. Our company has the right to refuse to accept the package after the deadline.

5. Home refund requirements.

  • If the buyer's time does not allow, it is recommended to return the goods by self-delivery outlets.
  • After the returned package is delivered to the express, please keep the delivery voucher signed by the courier (the second page of the return form), and take a photo of the goods to be returned (if you encounter the loss of the express, you need the delivery voucher to make a claim).

6. After-sales terms

  • Slight scratches on the body are not a product quality problem, If the buyer minds and the product has not been used please place the order in the package carefully after receiving the goods. 
  • If you apply for a return due to this reason it will be handled as "return without reason". The return cost is covered by the buyer, the refund amount will be arranged according to the return of the product.
  • If the goods are  affected a full refund cannot be arranged.

The scooter does not provide a certificate on the road so please place the order carefully, after receiving the goods, if the scooter/bicycle is not used and you apply for a return due to  this reason, it will be handled as "return without reason", and the cost of return will be covered by the customer. The refund amount will to be arranged according to the return of the product, if the product is damaged the refund will not be processed.

Last updated September 6, 2023