Trottinette électrique Emoko HVD-3 pour adultes

  • Matériau : aluminium, acier
  • Charge maximale : 130 kg (286,6 lb)
  • Vitesse maximale : 25-30 km/h
  • Kilométrage : 25-30km
  • Batterie : 36 V, 10 AH
  • Temps de charge : 5 à 8 heures
  • Roue : 8,5 pouces
  • Type de roue : type nid d'abeille.
  • Moteur : 350 W sans balais
  • Montée maximale : 10-15°
  • NO. /GW. : 12,5kg / 14,7kg
  • Taille du produit: 108x44x114cm (42,5x17,3x44,8 pouces)
  • Taille de l'emballage: 111x16x53cm (43,7x6,2x20,8 pouces)

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Dual Hub Motor

15 Ah

48V Lithium-ion Battery

28 Miles

Per Charge

28+ Mph

Top Speed


Climbing Angle
330 Ibs
Max Load



Power Hub Motor

The 800w hub motor brings ultimate power to the scooter. Delivers 800W peak power output via a 15A sine wave controller and maintains optimal 30 mph high speeds. Our HVD-3 handles stylish city streets and rugged mountain trails with ease, delivering the precise level of performance you need for an unforgettable riding experience.

800w Peak Power

Support you to tackle any terrain with ease, and experience unbeatable power and versatility.

20 Nm Torque

With a torque of 20 Nm, HVD-3 can effortlessly climb slopes and hills up to a 20-degree angle.

18650 Battery

Thanks to its 48v/15Ah lithium-ion battery, Emoko HVD-3 can achieve a remarkable 28 miles of Iong-distance riding. Enjoy the freedom of. extended rides without worrying about their range..


Equipped with advanced 18650 lithium-ion. batteries, having higher energy density,. larger capacity, shorter charging time, and Ionger lifespan compared to ordinary. batteries.


An intelligent battery management system not only monitors the health of a battery, but also provides protection during operation.


An intelligent battery management system not only monitors the health of a battery, but also provides protection during operation.

Dual Drum Brush

Equipped with a dual Drum Brush system. you can be assured of a safe and seamless braking experience even in sudden situations.

Drum Brush

Engineered to provide greater stopping power, allowing you to come to a safe stop within mere seconds.

Great Heat Dissipation

Excelled at dissipating heat, making it well-suited for use in all weather conditions.

Dual Shock Absorption

Thanks to the upgraded dual shock suspension, they are now able to soak up bumps like a sponge, giving you a super smooth and stable ride that'll have you feeling like you're cruising on cloud nine.

Dual Shock Absorption

Equipped with dual robust suspension with up to 2000 Ibs of tension, PRO is tailor- made for all terrains and heavier adult riders.

Independent Suspension

It can effectively mitigate jolts and uneven terrain, ensuring a consistently stable center of gravity.

10w Front Light

Comes with 10w front light, it can light up the road 500 meters in front of you, so you can ride at night more easily


Bright 1ow headlight will illuminate the road in front of you, help you see the road clearly.


Pull the brake, the rear red light will light up, remind other vehicles of your position.
LCD Display with NFC Card
The LCD display on our E-scooter provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily check your speed, gear, power, mode, and more. Equipped with an intelligent NFC Iock, you can rest assured that no one will be able to ride your scooter without the proper NFC card. So go ahead and take that coffee break - your ride will still be there when you get back!
Folding Clamp
A fast and convenient locking clamp makes folding and unfolding easy. Additionally, a Iatch has been added for double-layered protection, ensuring the safety of your ride even when riding at high speeds.
7.8-Inch Wide Deck
The wide deck offers ample space for your feet to stand side by side, and the addition of a silicone pad provides reliable anti-slip traction for a smooth and blast ride.
11-inch Air Tubeless Tires
High-quality and durable rubber material with a grooved surface provides an excellent. grip, is explosion-proof and pressure resistant, resistant to abrasion, lightweight, and durable.
Front & Rear Fenders.
Equipped with high-quality fenders, not a hint of mud splashing away at the riders.

For your convenience


EMOKO T4 MAX E-Scooter








Emoko HVD-3







Powerful Motor 





10 inch

10 inch


Per Charge 

6-8 hours

6-9 hours

6-8 hours

Max Speed 




Max Load 






Dual Suspension



Dual disc brakes

Dual disc brakes

Dual disc brakes



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